06-C15 光ファイバー地震計が拓く新たな海底地震・津波観測の新展開

06-C15 光ファイバー地震計が拓く新たな海底地震・津波観測の新展開

出展者名:東京大学地震研究所 Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
English Title:Development of marine earthquake and tsunami observation using optical fiber seismometer



One of the latest technology, the optical fiber seismometer, have come to be used for the research on earthquakes and earth’s structure. By using optical fibers that run around the seabed, the amount of data that can be obtained will increase dramatically, but this can result in a large amount of tax and may affect the environment of the seabed. Although this technology can contribute to the prediction of tsunamis and earthquakes, there are few opportunities to hear and discuss whether it is accepted as worth the investment. By having a dialogue limited to the introduction of optical fiber seismographs, we would be able to know what kind of science and technology you want to introduce and how much. We also hope that by providing a place for direct dialogue in Agora, it will be an opportunity to think about a healthier relationship between science and technology and people.