Bonjour à tous, In this episode Tracy and Terry continue work in the walled garden, but while working on the terrace capping stones the pair make a amazing discovery. From old postcards the family know that the walled garden had beautiful urns each side of the staircase but never found out what happened to them, untill now, could this be them?

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🏰 Château de Lalacelle
95 le château

About us,

We are a family from the North-East of England following our dream to restore a beautiful abandoned french Château. We discovered the heart stopping Château De Lalacelle in summer of 2020, this beautiful architectural monument Is set in the countryside of North-West France.

The moment we visited the Château we all fell in love, from the beautiful sweeping landscape and forests, to its stunning untouched interiors and magnificent spiral staircase in the turret.

Unfortunately Château De Lalacelle has been abandoned for a number of decades so will need a lot of restoration and DIY.

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