ShaLL by Nexus4 – Geometry Dash 2.11 [Review In Description]

ShaLL by Nexus4 – Geometry Dash 2.11 [Review In Description]

I actually haven’t heard of Nexus4 yet nor his level ShaLL but I found this level while seraching the magic tab and I thought this was worth reviewing for sure!


The first part starts off quite nice using some interesting block designs although they’re a little empty. The airdeco is quite decent but feels quite devoid of details. The colors used throughout the entire part are quite good and combinue quite nicely using grey and other varied colors throughout the part. The gears however feel quite empty and devoid of details! This part is overall quite decent but definitely work on adding more detail into the gears, block design and airdeco since they feel quite lacking! The same counts for the ball part that follow up.

The UFO part uses the same type of color scheme mostly using grey accompanied with other colors to give more variation color wise. However, these types of colors have been used throughout the entire level so far and really could use some variation. The block designs feel quite devoid of detail once again while could be filled up and the airdeco continues the sort of same issue it had in the last parts. Color wise you don’t need to change much about this part since the colors are solid but the block designs and airdeco feel quite lacking, try adding more detail into these to give it more detail overall. The same counts for the spider part that follows after the ball part since they look pretty much alike.

The next ship part however uses some nice coloring but still feels quite repetitive color wise due to this color scheme being used throughout the entire level so far. The block designs feel a bit more detailed however in this part but still could use some necessary details inside of the bottom blocks that connect the block design to the ground. The airdeco feels quite lacking again but still manages to look decent. This part is decent however but still could use some more overall detail!

The last ball part looks pretty nice using the same kind of color scheme (which isn’t really an issue). The overall visuals look quite nice but have some flaws which can be upsetting. The block designs actually look quite neat while still being somewhat devoid of detail and the same counts for the airdeco. The gameplay however is quite fun and sightreadable!

Overall: This level is actually quite interesting but lacks overall detail to obtain a feature worthy standard. The block designs feel quite lacking throughout pretty much the entire level although using some nice colors and interesting structuring! The airdeco is interesting aswell and can look quite neat at times in this level but still feels quite lacking. The gameplay however is good mainly due to it being fun and sightreadable! Keep on creating, I can see this level being star rated however! 🙂 Good job with the level tho! 🙂

– INFO –
Level Name: ShaLL
Creator: Nexus4
ID: 69924113
Difficulty: Hard 4*
Style: #Modern

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