TV anime “Summer Time Render” PV

TV anime “Summer Time Render” PV

Anime Title : Summer Time Render

English Title : Summer Time Rendering

Japanese Title : サマータイムレンダ

Type: TV

Genres: Mystery, Supernatural

Status: Not yet aired

Aired: 2022

Season : Unknow

Synopsis :
“The tide is dead —.”

Shinpei Amiyo, who heard the obituary of his childhood friend, Kobune Ushio,
He returned to his hometown of Wakayama City, Nittogashima for the first time in two years.

Reunion with his family and friends. A funeral that takes place without delay.
However, his best friend, Rhombus Mado, tells Shinpei that “the death of the tide has suspicious points and there is a possibility of murder.”

The next day, an incident occurred in which all the neighboring families suddenly disappeared.
At the same time, Shinpei hears an ominous rumor.

“Anyone who sees a” shadow “that looks exactly like him will die.
Killed by the shadow–! ”

In addition, Ushio’s younger sister, Mio, said, “I saw a shadow three days before her sister died.” ??

On a small summer remote island in the Kitan Strait, Sci-fi suspense that takes time opens the curtain now!